Morry Frankel Charter, June 18, 2000

Frankel0618001a.jpg (18912 bytes) There's just not much to do until the rockfish find the chum.
Frankel0618002a.jpg (17087 bytes) Eileen caught the biggest rockfish, a 22 inch beauty, all by herself.
Frankel0618003a.jpg (12251 bytes) Later on, kids both young and old had a blast with the spot, some of which were 10 inches, like the top one of this double header shown here with Alyssa.
Frankel0618004a.jpg (19104 bytes) There should be kids along on a Father's Day or Grandfather's Day fishing trip... Here's Tyler and Alyssa with a nice rockfish.
Frankel0618005a.jpg (25680 bytes) And once again, the whole crew.