Fred Gers Charter, June 20, 2000

Gers0620001a.jpg (24656 bytes) That's Fred Jr. in the left foreground, waiting for the chum to bring in the rockfish.
Gers0620002a.jpg (20976 bytes) Although Fred caught the biggest rock of the day, he also caught one about the size of the menhaden we were cutting up for bait ...   That's Larry behind Captain Drew.
Gers0620003a.jpg (19051 bytes) I wonder which way the chum was drifting.   That's Art in the foreground.
Gers0620004a.jpg (22079 bytes) And Fred Jr., working hard on catching just one more keeper ...
Gers0620006a.jpg (22885 bytes) And the whole crew, from left to right, Fred Jr., Fred IV, Fred III, Art (hiding behind), Tom, and Larry, with a nice bunch of flounder.
Gers0620007a.jpg (22565 bytes) But the catch of the day had to go to Fred Jr., with a nice rod and reel dredged up from the Bay.
Gers0620005a.jpg (17828 bytes) For completeness, one more look at Fred's trophy ...