PSG Charter, July 18, 2000

Bentz0718001a.jpg (21347 bytes) There's not much happening until the rockfish find the chum.
Bentz0718002a.jpg (19840 bytes) It's only justice that George was able to bag the largest rockfish of the afternoon, showing the rest of us a trick or two.
Bentz0718003a.jpg (18951 bytes) Here's Rob with a rockfish more representative of what we've been catching near the "Gooses" while chumming.
Bentz0718004a.jpg (13446 bytes) And here's George Jr. with a 17 inch nighttime croaker, which took a shrimp bait.
Bentz0718005a.jpg (23047 bytes) And here's the whole crew from the Pasadena Sportfishing Group.  From left to right, that's Don, George, Rob, Milt, and George.   Thanks for joining us for a night on the Worm.