RBFF Charter, July 11, 2000

Matthews0711001a.jpg (20069 bytes) Here's Kristen with the first keeper rockfish of the afternoon. 
Matthews0711002a.jpg (20094 bytes) Here's Kristen again, Captain Drew, and Phillis on the right, each with a rockfish. 
Matthews0711003a.jpg (13709 bytes) And here's Steve with a 22 inch striper or rockfish, best of the afternoon.
Matthews0711004a.jpg (14619 bytes) And here's Bruce Matthews, crew chief and President of RBFF, with another nice rockfish.
Matthews0711005a.jpg (18327 bytes) After we finished chumming, we went looking for breaking fish.  And the small bluefish proved to be thick and agressive, as Kristen soon found out.
Matthews0711006a.jpg (18446 bytes) A quick learner at casting, Phillis caught these two all by herself.  By the way, Phillis  doesn't handle fish, so Kristen and Drew had to hold her double on bluefish.  Sorry Phillis, I couldn't resist.
Matthews0711007a.jpg (22855 bytes) For completeness, here's Kristen and Kristen, both with doubles on bluefish.
Matthews0711008a.jpg (22094 bytes) Later on, we got into the croaker.  On light tackle, big croaker like these are an absolute blast to catch.  Note that Phillis is not touching that croaker ...
Matthews0711009a.jpg (11439 bytes) And finally, here's Kristen with a nice seatrout.  If you didn't get excited by watching the RBFF crew catch fish, you better check for a pulse.  Their enthusiasm for fishing and being out on the Chesapeake was infectious.