Otho Williams Charter, May 14, 2000

Williams0514003a.jpg (21662 bytes) The crew relaxes on the way out to the fishing grounds.
Williams0514004a.jpg (15081 bytes) Here's young George, cranking on a 30+ inch rockfish.
Williams0514005a.jpg (17917 bytes) After a long battle, George finally prevailed.
Williams0514006a.jpg (17982 bytes) Here's Brandon with a 35 inch beauty...
Williams0514007a.jpg (17691 bytes) From the bend in that rod we'd have to guess that this is Otho working on his 40 inch trophy, which pulled a bait off the planer board and headed south.
Williams0514002a.jpg (23123 bytes) For completeness, here's the whole crew...
Williams0514001a.jpg (21598 bytes) And another look at a fish worthy of being called a real trophy.  Congratulations Mr. Williams!