Vegas Views, Spring 2006

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Sharon's $500 on a Dollar Treasure Chest Bob's first set of Aces with a kicker
Same machine, not long thereafter, dealt...
Annie with her Royal, dealt...
Bob's second set of Aces with... Bob's third set of Aces with...
Maria "the abuser"
Note the 1199 -- Aces on a Triple Bonus Plus An unusual straight flush -- held just a jack
Not long after the SF, this set of Aces was dealt (DB)
Nothing special on a DB, except this was the second in 5 min. And a third set of Aces later on the same machine ...
One of Sharon's set of Aces with... (2nd of her day) Sharon's third set of her day...
This hand followed by a few min. a set of dealt 5s... Same machine, held an Ace, got 4 4s...

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