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April-May 1999


Kaelina.jpg (9448 bytes) Shown here is probably the last photo on the Internet of Brandon Kaelin as a single man. Norman Strickland and a number of Brandon's buddies celebrated his final days as a batchelor May 30 by going fishing on the Worm. Brandon's keeper rockfish stretched the tape to 32 inches. Just before dark we anchored up and started catching croaker. In just a couple hours over 70 croaker hit the cooler.
Wendela.jpg (15951 bytes) Here we have Therin Wendell (third from left) and his crew discussing the day's events with Captain Drew (second from left). While lots of smaller rockfish were caught, keepers eluded us on this day, May 29.
Gersa.jpg (16483 bytes) While Fred Gers (second from right) and crew caught 16 rockfish on the "Worm" May 16, only the one shown here stayed for dinner.
Godlovea.jpg (22188 bytes) Harry Godlove is shown here with one of the nicer keepers he and his friends caught while fishing with Captain Drew on Saturday May 15.
Sinesa.jpg (12953 bytes) May 8.  Here's Karen Miller (left) and Denise Sines helping Captain Drew subdue a beautiful 40 inch rockfish just caught by Denise (her largest ever), both members of the Jerry Sines party.  This one took a green parachute and 9 inch shad behind an umbrella on one of the deep rods.
May 2.  The Mike Fox (2nd from left) party braved Sunday's 25 knot winds to catch their limit of rockfish with Captain Drew on the "Worm". Drew ran into the six foot seas northeast from Breezy Point until he reached the eastern channel edge and trolled back and forth across the channel. Green or white parachutes with 9 inch shad did the trick.
Mike Jenkins Jr. was fishing with his family and Captain Drew on the "Worm" Saturday afternoon (May 1) when he caught this nice 38 inch rockfish on a green parachute and 9 inch shad near the C-n-R buoy.
Members of the Jack Smack (left) party are shown with a limit of stripers caught on the "Worm" on May 1 during some nasty weather. These fish were caught below the Gooses along the eastern channel edge.
From left to right, Colin and his Dad Steve Smith, Harry Coulombe and Phil Million (kneeling), Keith Kaufman (Managing Editor of the Mid-Atlantic edition of the Fisherman Magazine) and Dick Smith are shown with a limit of rockfish to 38 inches caught April 30 on the "Worm". Most fish were caught near 78A on green parachutes over deep water.
John Peyton and friends fished with Captain Drew on the 25th and had a great time catching their limit of rockfish to 34 inches.
Jim Bryan and Kelsey Davis, members of the Mark Davis party, are shown with a beautiful 41 incher caught April 24.
Bobby Dreyheim (second from right,standing) is shown with his friends and limits of rockfish caught during nasty weather on April 24 up off the Radar Towers.
April 23, 1999 (Opening Day).  Members of the Pop Morgan (right, standing) party are shown with their rockfish limits to 41 inches, caught on the "Worm" with Captain Drew.  Most of the fish were caught in 40 to 45 feet of water just south of the Marina.

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