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August 1999 *

Zacka.jpg (8711 bytes) Here's Zack, who was fishing with the Lance Weakley party on August 28, with a beautiful 21 inch flounder.
Adamsa.jpg (12538 bytes) And here's Johana with a spanish mackerel, only one of many caught that day...
Fonsa.jpg (16966 bytes) Here's the Jim Fons (far left) crew from August 9 with a mixed bag of blues, trout and flounder.
Auchtera.jpg (14843 bytes) Celebrating John Auchter's birthday, here we have the Jim Auchter (far right) crew including son Matt, friends Dave, Ed, Ben, and the birthday son himself with a good bunch of blues.
Coatesa.jpg (14324 bytes) And here's Russell Coates with one of many doubles on jumbo spot, some well over 10 inches, caught on the afternoon of August 6, before the "Worm" moved over to the Gooses to catch some fine croaker as well.
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    * August was a vacation month for the first mate (and primary photographer), which is the main reason for the shortage of photos above. 
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