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August 2002




One of best reasons to go fishing on the Bay is variety.  Here's Lev Volftsun and his two daughters Lana (left) and Stephanie with a 37 inch red drum they caught on August 25.  The red drum is much more streamlined than the black drum, and note the dark spot on its tail.  What a beautiful fish.

And here's Lana with a huge 30 inch seatrout.

What a weekend.  Zeke Gibson was part of the Green Contracting crew of August 23 when this monster Spanish Mackerel grabbed a spoon.  This fish weighed in at 6 1/2 pounds and 28 1/2 inches!  Three years ago the State record in the Bay Division was set by a Spanish of this exact size.

Here we have the Hazen Wilson crew from August 18 with quite a haul of large rockfish -- this is mid-August when most stripers of this size are in New England.  From left to right, that's Daniel, Cari, Connie, Hazen, Hazen, and Eric.  Nice catch guys!

And here's Cari cranking on "cutie pie"...

But Connie captured big fish honors for the day with this 38 inch whopper.  Numerous times the guys offered to help, but Connie persisted and won the battle unassisted.

And here's the Mike Fox crew from August 17, with their fine catch of blues and stripers.

Here's Addie Hill holding a 13 1/4 inch spot!  I didn't know they came that big!

And here we have the Don Harrison crew from August 16 with their fine catch of rockfish.  In the front from left to right, that's Steve, Don, Gary, Skip, and Skip.

And the rest of the Harrison crew above -- in patriotic order -- that's Jennie, Amy, and Shane.

Here's a closeup of Jennie with one of the larger Spanish Mackerel caught that day.



The run of larger rockfish may be coming to an end in our area, as this 40.5 inch trophy was our only big fish caught Sunday August 11.  That's Pete Charney, who was part of the Buddy Williams crew.



Here's Lance Weakley with a fine seatrout, caught August 10 on the Worm.

The weather continues to push the thermometer into the 90's, but the fishing is holding up well.  Here we have the Mike Riley crew from August 9, shown with their limits of rockfish and a few Spanish mackerel.  From left to right, that's Joe, Patrick, Arnold, Arnie, Tim, Pat, Tim, and Mike.

Here's a closeup of some of the Spanish mackerel and some of the happy anglers.


We've had quite a run of larger rockfish for mid-summer.  Here we have the Tom Pittman crew from August 4, with part of their limit catch of rockfish to 34 inches.  From left to right, that's Bruce, Tim, Doug, and Tom.  Good catch guys.

And here we have a crew from Ameritel, led by Bill Waters (far right) on August 2.  The weather was red hot, but so was the fishing.  Again we had a good catch of larger rockfish, six over 32 inches.  

Here's a better look at some of the big rockfish up to 36 inches.  We don't know how long this run of larger fish will last, but we're sure enjoying it.

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