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December 2002

Here's Mike Fox from North Bay Distributors and Kathy with a 39 inch trophy-sized rockfish they teamed up to catch on December 8.  Note the unusual object protruding from the gill...

Here's a front view of the above rockfish, showing at least two partially-digested eels and our parachute -- what a mouthful.  We retrieved 4 eels and most of a large menhaden from its mouth.  With all that stuff in there, it was still hungry!
And here's the entire North Bay crew ...

Here are Elaine Shockey and Wayne Burton with a 43 inch whopper rockfish caught on December 7 aboard the Worm.  Elaine caught the trophy unassisted, but it was too heavy to hold.

And here's a crew led by Louie Hugg (far right), who fished with us on December 1, one of the roughest trips of the fall season.  Obviously, the fish didn't care that the seas were obnoxious.

But Joe "Big Fish" Donnelly stole the show with our biggest striper of the fall season -- 47 1/2 inches and 46 pounds!  Congratulations Joe.

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