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September 2002


And here we have the Adel Faramawi (far right) crew of September 8, who caught a fine mess of bluefish until the sun hit the trees.
Here we have the Mike McIntyre crew, who caught a mixed bag of rockfish and blues on September 8.  From left to right, that's Mike, Phil, Matt, Eric, Ryan, and Warren.

Here' Alex Martinez with a beautiful 36 inch red drum, caught September 02 on the Worm.
And here's Alex with the rest of his crew.  For more photos, click here.
And out on a dinner cruise September 6 to Harrison's across the Bay, that's (left to right) Ron, Karen, "Skibo", Sharon, Joe, Diane, and Bobby.  The company was great and the food was awesome.
Here we have the Hazen Wilson crew from September 5, shown with part of their catch of rockfish, blues and Spanish Mackerel.  From left to right behind Fred (seated), that's Rob, Rick, Ross, Fred, Hazen, and Bill.
And here we have the Fred Gers crew of September 3.  From left to right, that's Tom, Joe, Ted, Fred Gers, Fred, and Andy.
Here' Patrick Kincer with a fine 30 inch red drum he caught while fishing with Louie Hugg on the Worm September 2.  What a trophy!

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